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Sudden Rush unleashes the Secret: the power of the Rainforest in the highest concentrate 100% natural Guarana energy shot

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Sudden Rush Guarana is the most natural concentration of pure Guarana that is available. Simply put, you will not find another product like it.

Sudden Rush Guarana is a 100% natural, vitalising product with many beneficial properties. The Guarana bean contains over 20 active agents acting simultaneously on the body, mind, temperament and mood which is very distinguishable from common energy drinks loaded with taurine, artificial caffeine and other chemical ingredients.

Ordinary energy drinks mostly contain chemicals that are used as energy boosters. Sudden Rush Guarana achieves a 100% natural, holistic and sustainable improvement of performance. With Sudden Rush Guarana shots you will find a concentrated dose of an "Elixir".

One of the secrets of Guarana is the high concentration of natural caffeine. Unlike the effect of caffeine in coffee, it is free of the irritations that coffee can trigger. In addition to natural caffeine, guarana also contains theobromine, theophylline, ether oils and saponines.

Today Guarana is also known as "Brazil's Ginseng". The indigenous Indios of the Brazilian Rainforest have used Guarana since the beginning of time to increase their stamina and also as an elixir of youth.

Previously on the international Anti-Doping list, in 2004 Guarana was officially allowed to be used as a performance enhancer. Sudden Rush has high profile "Ambassadors" who attest to the use of Sudden Rush to help them achieve their best performance in their chosen profession.